Military One Source

Military One Source was created in response to the need for a centralized assistance program to support military members and their families with meaningful, relevant information and services. Comprehensive, no cost support is available online and by telephone. The website delivers resources and information of interest to the military community, as well as access to coaches, counselors and consultants who can assist and provide expert, solution-focused advice.

The Military One Source Program Is Available To All Military Personnel

Military One Source

This includes active duty and Reserve members and their families to help solve problems and connect with their communities.

Service members and their families can receive specialty consultations, available 24/7 on issues related to adoption, adult disability, education, elder care, health and wellness, special needs and wounded warrior.

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program assists military spouses with targeted career information, resources and access to specialized career counselors.

Confidential non-medical counseling can help service members and their families address challenges and overcome personal concerns. Counseling is available face to face in the local community, by telephone or online using a real-time chat format.

The Military OneSource website serves as a gateway to information and support in the form of articles, podcasts, webinars, monthly electronic newsletters and links to official resources.

OneSource Financial Services

Financial servcies counseling are available to help with budgeting, money management, debt consolidation, credit monitoring, and assistance with housing issues or foreclosure. We have free access for military personnel to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. They can give you professional advice on debt repair and credit management.

All Armed Forces personnel and their family members are entitled to twelve counseling sessions per issue, each year.

Solution Focused, Positive Thinking

The goal of the short-term, solution-focused counseling is to help individuals change by creating solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Using this same strategy, short-term, solution-focused financial counseling helps people identify the issues and then work to identify realistic resolutions. The goal of our financial-counseling program is to provide the most effective counseling in the most efficient way possible so that service members and families can focus on the mission and live their lives.

Financial counseling can assist with basic money management by reviewing your current savings plans, investing plans, stocks, bonds, and retirement plans. Financial planners can help inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of different savings plans and methods and will remain unbiased in recommending any one specific investment vehicle. The counselors do not sell or promote any products. As a national, nonprofit organization, the NFCC, does not endorse products. The only cost you may incur is if you decide to personally hire a local NFCC agency to manage your debt-management plan as part of a long-term arrangement.

Getting Started With OneSource Financial Planning

he NFCC, a nonprofit national agency, provides financial education and counseling services at hundreds of local offices nationwide. Military OneSource must arrange for you to meet face-to-face with a financial consultant in your community in order for you to receive the service at no cost. Call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 and ask for the financial services department.

Virtual Counseling Services

Confidential non-medical counseling services are available online for all personnel and family members. They online counseling can help address problems with PTSD symptoms, stress management, transitioning back to civilian life, relationship and marital problems, parenting, grief and loss, and other mental health concerns.

Military OneSource stands by its commitment to safeguard the privacy of users of counseling services. Information is not released to commanders or anyone else without the user’s consent. The only exceptions to confidentiality are legal and military requirements to report child abuse, spouse abuse, elder abuse, threats of harm to self or others and any present or future illegal activity.

Tax Services

In association with H&R Block, OneSource offers a free, electronic tax filing service. If you are eligible under the program, you can complete, save, and file your tax return and up to three state returns online free online.

After filing your taxes, it can be the ideal time to talk to one of our financial counselors about the best ways to use your tax return and address any issues you might have with debt, money management, or budgeting.